At FIRE, we champion your right to free expression

On campus and off, defending expressive rights is critical to ensuring an America where you feel safe to speak freely.

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Defending Your Rights

FIRE defends and sustains the individual rights of all Americans to free speech and free thought — the essential qualities of liberty — and carries out this mission through several core services.

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Campus Rights Advocacy

Higher Education

Are you a college student or faculty member punished or investigated for something you posted on social media? Denied recognition of your student group? Is your student publication being threatened? Are you facing non-renewal or loss of tenure because of your views? FIRE’s Campus Rights Advocacy is here to help.

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Student editor Jared Nally is suing his university after its president issued a directive that banned him from engaging in basic acts of journalism. (Gary Rohman for FIRE)

FIRE filed a lawsuit against the university to protect student press freedoms for Jared, The Indian Leader, and student journalists around the country.

Student journalist SUES his university, and WINS!

Defending Student Rights

The president of Haskell Indian Nations University issued an unconstitutional directive to student journalist Jared Nally, editor-in-chief of the award-winning student newspaper, The Indian Leader, that formally forbade Jared from engaging in protected journalistic activities. The president also directed Jared to start showing university administrators the “highest respect” — or else!

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Coastal Carolina University Professor Steven Earnest
Without the help and leadership of FIRE, I am certain that I would have been forced out of my career of over 25 years.

Fired for Speaking Out

Faculty Story

After public outrage, Coastal Carolina University reinstates theater professor Steven Earnest, who criticized student protestors.

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Faculty Legal Defense Fund

The Faculty Legal Defense Fund offers “first responder” assistance to protect the expressive and academic freedom rights of faculty at public colleges and universities. If you face censorship or retaliation for your instruction or scholarship, or for your speech on issues of public concern as a private citizen, then FLDF may be able to help. 

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Student Press Freedom Initiative

Are you a student journalist? FIRE has your back. Our Student Press Freedom Initiative (SPFI) defends free press on campus by advocating for the rights of student journalists across the country.

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In 2022 alone, FIRE’s Campus Rights Advocacy team won 70 campus rights victories, impacting the rights of thousands of college students and faculty.


Since 1999, FIRE has won 529 defense victories at 315 colleges and universities.


In 2022, FIRE vetted nearly 1,400 case submissions involving individuals and groups who said their rights were threatened.


In 2022, FIRE’s College Policy Reform team won 46 victories at 23 schools affecting 400,000 students.