Student defenders know their colleges’ policies — and they know what your rights are.

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Student Defenders

When a college student is accused of violating the code of conduct, they may feel lost, anxious, and scared about their future. That’s where Student Defenders come in. These are students who are trained as conduct advisors and who work to protect the right to due process, or the right to fair treatment in a disciplinary process, for all students. 

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Your campus activism can promote free speech.

As a student on campus, your voice is critical to securing free expression at your school. These campus activism tools will enable you to effect change on your campus.


How Does Your School Compare?

Find out how well your school’s policies protect the free speech rights of students and faculty.

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Learn from FIRE’s Free Speech Defenders

FIRE provides students with opportunities and support to defend free speech with hands-on experience and training.

Campus Rights Advocacy

You aren’t alone in defending yourself. If you need help defending your free speech rights, FIRE may be able to help.

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